How To Build A Micro Business In 3 Days

I used to have endless amounts of energy. I could build a website from start to scratch, have massive amounts of traffic pouring in using social media, and get lots of coverage from networks, and the blogosphere. But it’s a different world we live in. I, for one have taken a lot of time off of networking, and don’t seem to have the same amount of leverage I used to online. I’m getting back to networking so that really helps. Over this week me and my silent partner started another project, and many many hours later it came together nicely.

Magnum Visitors is a business that me and a buddy came up with and I basically did all the work, he will however fulfill most of the orders, and handle the administrative management of the site. I will handle the marketing, and development of the site. It’s main purpose is to help companies engage new customers, and help them build their customer base, something I refer to as The Fan Base

We have some interesting digital services we sell over there including our primary service of
High Quality Targeted Visitors, and Viral Marketing, and our Twitter Retweet Service, and Buy Twitter Followers.

Megan Fox and the Seduction of Viral Marketing

megan fox

I wrote an interesting first post about how most people are afraid to take risks. I think even online entrepreneurs are afraid to take that first step towards success because they are afraid of change, especially high risk change. I used the example of being attracted to a celebrity like Megan Fox, and she is in the same room we are. As a risk taker, I’d go up to her strike up a conversation. I wouldn’t drool all over myself. I’d ask her for her digits, and proceed to have a comfortable good conversation.

Hot Read: Megan Fox and the Seduction of Viral Marketing

What most people don’t realize is risks aren’t really that risky. They just appear that way to our psyche. As humans we are conditioned to constantly remain safe, conservative, and neutered. Over time unless we push ourselves we never take risks.

This new micro business is a risk. But isn’t everything ?

P.S. The simple way to build a micro business in three days is this:
1. Think of an idea.
2. Build It.
3. Promote It.

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