Cordyceps: The Best Kept Secret To My Health Recovery Plan

For a number of years I literally abused my body. I think it’s a result of being an entrepreneur. Not intentionally just by poor dietary habits, poor work habits, and poor choices in general. Sitting in front of a computer 8-12 hours a day 7 days a week will do that to you. I love what I do but sometimes it’s just damn hard on the body. That on top of numerous medical issues over the last 5 years and I basically ended up with constantly feeling stuck, mentally worn out, and incapable of high levels of good energy. Unlike a few years ago when I felt like I had an endless source of energy and drive to achieve.

I did a lot of research, prior to my absolute burnout about 2 years ago I had had up and down struggles with medical problems as a result of having lupus but literally hit a creative brick wall 2 years ago and then the onslought of medical issues followed. Truthfully I think it had a lot to do with the neurological symptoms of systemic lupus.

Roughly 8 weeks ago I started taking Cordyceps again for the first time in a few years. Before when I was taking them it was more for the physical recovery of working to many hours, and needed accelerated recovery or normal recovery times. I suffer from Lupus and for some reason I believe in the last two years while my physical symptoms have been alleviated somewhat naturally, the psychological and neurological symptoms have gotten worse somewhat. With Cordyceps I find relief both physically,neurologically and mentally. I wake up feeling refreshed after much less sleep. I feel like my body is healing on its own, and not fighting itself all the time.

What is Cordyceps ?

Parasitic Cordyceps Fungi, such as Cordyceps Sinensis, is a parasitic complex of fungus and caterpillar, which has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries particularly in China, Japan and other Asian countries.


How Does Cordyceps Effect Lupus ?

Cordyceps has been studied in systemic lupus erythematosus in rats. Cordyceps sinensis reduced the level of proteinuria and anti-ds-DNA antibody in plasma, and improved kidney function in rats with Systemic Lupus. In fact, Cordyceps has been found in clinical trials to slow the progress of autoimmune disorders significantly.

In Conclusion
I’m not an herbalist, or a doctor but for me in my history the natural adaptogens have had the most success in keeping my health headed down the right path. Cordyceps now plays a permanent role in keeping me healthy and living more fully. And isn’t that the goal of any lifestyle designer ? To live fully, simply, and have time and energy to do the things we truly love in life? For me Cordyceps is giving me another shot at living 110% every single day just like I did when I was younger.

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