How To Learn Spanish In Five Minutes A Day

Walking along the pristine beaches of Mazatlan brings to mind my idea of a perfect paradise. The only problem with living in Mazatlan is that it’s Mexico, and the primary language that they speak there is Spanish. When I first arrived in Mexico, I didn’t speak a drop of Spanish. I understood a bit, but I couldn’t speak it.

I wish for the life of me there was an easy way to learn spanish that was affordable. I had to do it the hard way. By sitting on the beach in Mazatlan and listening to the cute girls talk about telenovelas, while the waves crashed along the shoreline. No need to worry, someone has created the perfect solution to learning Spanish on the fly.

The little arch wave, Mazatlan, Mexico, Pacific West Coast, North America
Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: Wonderlane

After being inspired by someone else I decided to create DIY Spanish ~ An email learning platform for Learning Spanish.

The concept is simple. Develop a business that enables expats to learn spanish while living in Mexico, or in preparation for moving to Mexico. It’s developed by me and a local in Mazatlan. Should be a fun project to develop and let grow.

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