All Kinds of New Projects

The end of this year has been about how many projects can I get off the ground before the new year starts. Here’s the state of my projects and my goals for them this year:

Internet Marketing Group
Targeted Visitors
A reseller project for traffic, I plan to develop this aggressively in 2010.

Magnum Visitors
Landing page for my other services I offer as a consultant.

Vive Mexico Project Group
Mazatlan Exchange
A slow to get off the ground, now revamped project surrounding expat living, and tourism in Mazatlan.

Lake Chapala
This guide of Lake Chapala is a site that is really special to me. I plan to use it as a central place to build out content as I plan for an eventual move to the Lake Chapala region. The key goals at the moment are to build up a sustainable newsletter, and content strategy that is profitable this year.

Tijuana Reader
A site covering all things Tijuana including hotels, travel, tourism, medical tourism, restaurants. Consider this your source for all info on having fun and staying safe in Tijuana.

DIY Spanish
A paid eCourse project, is slow to get off the ground. My main marketing will be towards expats living in Lake Chapala, and or thinking of moving there. This too will be a key project in the New Year.

Recycle Awards Group
Interior Door Shop
Just getting going, but plan to be a central part of my plans for 2010 as far as income generating goes.

Exterior Door Shop
Late 2010 Project

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