How To Recycle Dead Assets for Fun and Profit

A few years ago a business of mine collapsed and I was stuck with a heap of debt, and dismay. I liquidated assets and only held on to one of the domains the one that held the most value in my opinion. The only one that was truly profitable. The reason the business ran itself into the ground was unsustainablity, lack of experience in the niche, and looking at the business from all the wrong angles and somewhat of a lack of motivation after I cleared almost all the hard hurdles and yet I hit a wall I couldn’t solve.


However, soon parts of the business were hotly sought after assets but in the end I held on to my favorite piece after I realized that maybe someday I would revisit it and try to recycle the assets for fun, and not be swayed by investment capital, sending profits to shareholders, and not be overwhelmed by outside pressures.

interior french door

And so the second life of a product takes hold. When I launched Interior Door Shop, I was selling a brick and mortar product. Drop shipped interior doors. The concept was great. But my lack of knowledge in that industry, my lack of time to manage telephone sales, and my lack of capital to overcome the obstacles involved in hiring a competent sales team, and overcoming the housing markets downside made it nearly impossible to make this a viable investment project. I turned down an offer for 30,000 dollars to sell off the website after negotiations involved a non-disclosure agreement, non-compete agreement, and a sign my life over for the good of someone else agreement.

I left the domain sit empty for 2 years. Aging rather nicely. So the other day I decide it’s time to tinker around with it. I drop the domain onto my development server. I install WordPress. I pull up the content archive. I install the one article that was usable. Then I begin brainstorming. I decide to create a platform for companies to sell their products with me taking a small monthly fee to utilize the platform and how I know this site will eventually rank again in Google.

And so the recycling of assets begins. I have nothing to lose. And everything to gain. Worse case scenario I build the site up and drop adsense on it and sell it on Flippa. I hope I don’t end up doing that. I love this domain, and the new concept I’m developing. I feel like if I can make it work I can utilize the site to empower me to become more self-sufficient and less reliant on clients which is my ultimate goal in the next 12-18 months.

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