5 Steps To Overcoming Your Lack of Discipline

One of the major facets of lifestyle design is overcoming the lack of discipline in order to achieve our goals, dreams, and aspirations. As modern humans we tend to be pretty hard on ourselves as a result of not being able to change the habits that we have been ingrained with. Subsequently that leads to more problems, more lack of discipline, and ultimately a failure to achieve what it is we really want out of life. All of this because we don’t have the discipline needed to succeed and achieve what it is WE REALLY WANT.

Looking south
Creative Commons License photo credit: Simon Aughton

Here’s a simple set of principles I use to overcome my own lack of discipline and not let that stop me from achieving what it is I really want out of life.

1. Learn to love yourself
You’re not perfect and neither is anyone else. Realize this, beating yourself up only make matters worse. Learn to let it go when you feel like your lack of discipline is getting the better of you. Forgive yourself. And move on. Love yourself in this small area and you are one step closer to overcoming your frustrations.

2. Don’t Buy Into the Lie of Discipline
Realize that discipline is a lie. Think about it: people say discipline is making you do something you do not want to do. Discipline is just you doing something you do not want to do. And that requires, motivation. So when people talk about discipline what they really mean is Motivation. That is something you can acquire.

3. It’s All About Motivation
What is your motivation to achieve your dreams or aspirations? How will you maintain motivation when you get discouraged? Think about what it is that motivates, and keep track of it. Create a journal online, make a public commitment to your Facebook Friends, create a Twitter List, hold yourself accountable by making it public and journaling your goal, your dreams, and your achievements to reaching them daily. Keep markers in the road of life. Stay focused on what it is that motivates you.

4. Win The Small Battles
Discipline is difficult because whatever it is we are trying to achieve is difficult. Instead, make it easy. Remove anything in our way. Are you a writer, and are constantly hitting a wall. Struggling with writers block ? Spend five minutes a day journaling. Just commit to it no matter what, work on it five minutes a day. Soon it will become a habit, in a month you will find yourself in charge of your writing. Instead of being stuck in a cycle of writers block, focus on winning every single day, develop good habits.

5. Focus on what makes you come alive
It’s hard to push ourselves – to have discipline – especially if you hate doing something. Let go of things that discourage you, and drag you down. Pour your energy into the things that make you come alive. And outsource the things that bring you pain in this life. If you hate washing dishes, or doing housework, DONT. Hire a maid. Learn to pour all your energy into the things you enjoy in this life and that you are good at. Let go of the rest.

In Conclusion
Your supposed lack of discipline is not what holds you back, it’s your lack of a plan for overcoming it. Today and everyday set goals that you can reach. Remember what it is that makes you come alive, makes your feel like your dream is within reach and go get it. Your lack of discipline is a lie, it’s an excuse that’s holding you back from achieving what’s really important in your life.

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