What Everyone Should Know About Heroes

I’m glad it’s almost over. This year of my life. Next year for me it’s about more than doing what I love, it’s about finding out how I can better love the world. I had a rough 2009. Probably the hardest year of my life. I feel more connected with the painful reality that the rest of the world is engaged in on a daily basis. The year is passing away. The time is quickly fading. The sun is setting on all that 2009 was.


I’m not sure what 2010 holds for me. But I know this I learned something truly amazing this year.

What I learned in 2009 is this:
My job is to love where I’m planted, until I’m called to love somewhere else. To never worry about what I need, and to share what I have. To live simply, dream deeply, and love like every man, woman, and child were God himself.

This year I had a lot of heroes.

Here’s a few that touched my heart and life the most.
Jared Enyart ~ School teacher
Shelly Enyart ~ Mother of Two
Steve Enyart ~ Retiree
Tim Bresenden ~ HR Director
Matt Metten ~ Web Developer
Jason Evans ~ Anarchist
Micah Sparacio ~ Entrepreneur

Thank you, for being the heroes that this world badly needs.

In conclusion,
This year was amazing, it was hard. It was painful. It changed me so much. I lost so much, and I gained so much more. I wouldn’t do anything differently, unless I could do the impossible. I’d trade my life for my friends, so my friend who is dying of cancer could watch his children grow up, so they could see the man who in such a short time taught me so much. Who taught me how to live again. To love again. He taught me what bravery really is. What strength is, and what love is.

Last year was battled between good and evil in my soul, and because of my heroes, love prevails. I believe in life again, in dreaming again. In dancing again. I believe I can change the world, even if that only means right here where I’m at. You can too. You can be the change the world so badly needs. Each and every day I’m grateful for life, and the opportunity to make a difference. You too can be a hero in someone’s life.

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