How To Remember Our Heroes When They Pass On

My friend Tim Bresenden passed away yesterday. In some ways everyone knew the day was coming, he was the definition of strong, & brave in my world. I only knew him for about 9 months. In that short time I never knew a man who lit up the world like him. His energy, and influence shown through his closest friends. I met Tim when I was in a crisis of epic proportions, and he didn’t judge me, or treat me any different than a loved one.

Live Big Like Tim Bresenden

Yet, Tim Bresenden was an important man. He was an amazing inspiration to be around. When I first met him I didn’t know he had battled cancer. Yet he took the time out of his important life, to spend with me.

Scripps Pier
Creative Commons License photo credit: SD Dirk

Later the cancer returned, and even in the midst of all of that, I’m still amazed that he loved me, shined his grace and mercy upon me, and comforted me. He almost always answered the phone when I called, or called me back. When I was angry, upset, disillusioned by everything I was experiencing Tim more than anyone else was there to comfort me. Often late at night, or early in the morning when I needed to talk.

tim bresendenHe would pick me up, give me a hug, and help me find the energy and drive to overcome what it was I was battling in my own life. Without him I would have never found that inspiration deep within my heart. I would have allowed all the negative things in my life to surround me, and overwhelm me forever. Now, more than ever Tim inspires me. To live life to the fullest. I mentioned him in my post about being one of my heroes of 2009.

Now that he’s gone, the words can’t express what I think of him, wishing I could spend one last meal with him. Yet he lives on in so many of us. And that’s what’s important. That we carry out his memory in our life.

When loved ones pass on, it helps shape our lives. Hopefully we become better people because of it. Before I met Tim I had a lot of flaws. However, because I knew Tim those flaws are less prominent. For that a very small part of his legacy lives on in my heart, in my life. I hope that I cross the bridge from this life into the next with as much grace, patience, and peace as he has. My thoughts, prayers, and life will never be the same.

RIP Tim Bresenden. I, for one will carry you in my heart forever.

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