Coping With PTSD Related Anxiety

I’ve talked about struggling with PTSD before, everything changed about 6 months ago and I’ve been coping on different levels of this struggle. Recently my anxiety levels increased ten fold, to the point of reoccuring debilitation. One of the battles I face is how to cope with these periods of anxiety. There are times I don’t want to leave the house, don’t want to interact with anyone. I just want to hide away and do stuff online. But I don’t want to become a prisoner to my own past. So I press on.


Here are a few things I have done to cope with anxiety.

1. Journal the trigger moments
I write down moments that cause anxiety, and work on managing and reassuring myself that those triggers are not in the NOW and Today.

2. Step out of my comfort zone
I’ve been trying to push myself into other areas of my life that I may not be as good at. Exploration into NEW makes me deal less with things that are uncomfortable.

3. Trust in the Unknown
God is an amazing power that can lead us to the calming waters, and bring restoration to our damaged souls.

He leads me besides the waters that calm my soul, and restores my heart, soul, and mind so that I again might live fully with grace and mercy for all who need it…

4. Grieve
It’s ok to grieve, to pour out our souls, hearts, and minds even if the perception is that this is not acceptable. Do what you need to overcome this pain, don’t let it own you. Grieve, mourn, and then let it go.

5. Talk about it
Talk about your pain, your anxiety, and your struggles. This is a huge step in overcoming it, and bringing balance back to your life. Instead of losing the battle with PTSD make it a battle for others to share with you.

In conclusion
I never imagined it would be as hard as it’s been, but I’ve managed to overcome and push my life forward and achieve a greater level of happiness than ever before in my life, although I’m still facing some of these same uphill battles with every now and then anxiety coming back and creeping into my life and getting the better of me. However I continually focus on winning, and not letting it defeat me. Anger, rage, and unexplained emotions creep back in, and I have to forgive myself for having them, turn them over to God to lift off my shoulders. Sometime I get too afraid to leave the house at night, sometimes prayer is the only thing that calms my soul. The battle isn’t won in a day, it’s a process. I know I’m winning it, but sometimes when it becomes big again it’s ok to admit that there’s a war going inside me, and work on overcoming it again and again.

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