Why Your Never Too Old To Dance

The other day I was ponder the RIGHT thing to do. I’ve tried and tried and tried to no end to rekindle old relationships, after awhile you begin to realize it’s all but hopeless. All you can do sometimes is reach out, and then turn around and turn it over to the creator of the Universe. For all our failures there is a great success around the corner. Although the pains that I have experienced have been sorrowful one of the greatest things I’ve learned is that we are all human and we must forgive ourselves and move on in order to achieve greater success.

Let Go. Learn to Dance.

A year ago I learned to dance Cumbia. It was one of the most invigorating activities I’ve ever done. Dancing brought to me much joy and healing. But it was not the dancing that brought the healing, it was the letting go of my inhibitions, my pains, my self confidence issues, it was me truly letting me be who I was inside.


Inside I was dancing, I was joyful. I was living life with passion. This came out when I was dancing.

Guess what ?

Your never too old to DANCE. Your never too old to learn to start living like a kid again, to living a life with passion, to shedding your inhibitions, to running through fields of wild flowers, your never too old to lay aside your doubts and live life to the fullest with reckless abandon.

The Time is Now. What are you waiting for ?

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