Internet Marketing for Restaurants

I’ve been really focusing in on small business marketing here in Denver, largely with mom and pop restaurants near where I live. I’ve been really trying to learn the ins and outs of how to apply social networking, social media, and traditional SEO (which is my forte) to the elements of internet marketing for restaurants.


The first thing I’ve learned recently is how effective new technology can be for restaurant marketing in a new digital age. The hardest thing is getting new customers in the door. The internet can be a great engine for driving customers from their homes and into your restaurant.

The key thing is encouraging them, or providing them incentives to come try your restaurant for the first time. A mom and pop restaurant seems like it’s more able to build growth online because it’s outside of any abnormal corporate environment when it comes to handling and managing it’s marketing. Clearly because of this smaller restaurants are able to take advantage of word of mouth growth better than corporate restaurants.

Some things I’ve learned:
Use Foursquare to engage new customer growth.
Yelp Reviews are effective.
Keep it simple.

One campaign that works well is build out a flyer that asks people to check in between 5-9pm for a free side dish, beer, or other incentive based program when they purchase a regular entree.

I’ve seen this already start people down the path of growing their Friday and Saturday night production immensely with little effort.

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