How To Reinvent Old Media & Embrace The New Economy

Old Media is obviously dying all around us. Craig Newmark has some interesting thoughts about this era of media.


“We’re living in an era of creative destruction for newspapers and other forms of media. Frankly, this decade is a pivotal one in human history. In 2020, it will be very different: we’re moving through a singularity now and it’s both frightening and exciting.”

My thoughts on Media Reinvention
The keys to reinventing media are newspapers licensing their huge online platforms for online producers to publish their content online, through guest posts and opt-in aggregation, and with a leaner staff of writers who collaborate on an online publication.

I’m not sure what that looks like but to me cutting overhead, and having old media embrace new media publishers is the only way that they come out of this thing somewhat alive.

Source: Silicon Republic

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