Myspace is not dead.

myspaceMyspace is not dead. MySpace is merely in need of some strong innovation. A few years ago so many people, including myself were speaking ill of AOL, and predicting it’s death. But it didn’t die. It just innovated and changed. It’s now mainly a publishing company, and less an ISP than ever before.

Sure MySpace has seen some strong downturns especially due to the rise of other social networking powerhouses like Facebook, and Twitte.r But that doesn’t mean there isn’t any hope. If you remember back to the good old days of AOL, the biggest feature was easy to use email, and chat rooms. Slowly over time as a company they’ve evolved and changed for the better and have become profitable. I fully believe that Myspace likewise will adapt and change with the times.

They need a strong new commander in chief at the head of MySpace and they also need clear direction. Is this a music social network ? A social network for teens, or just a rough shod red neck playground ? Either way it doesn’t matter as long as they focus on what works for them and go at it and create a platform that pleases their users and generates strong revenue outside of digital advertising, whether that’s an application system, digital goods, or add ons. The future of MySpace is bright as long as the right leader and direction is brought in.

Myspace is far from dead.

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