Why Iran pulled the plug on Gmail

gmailIran is forcing itself back into the stone age. Iran’s archaic government hates Twitter, and email as a whole. It tried before to block Twitter. Now it’s done the same thing to Gmail.

iran has no interest in technology. Instead it’s declared war on technology by promising to roll out a national email system, which will inevitably fail about as hard as US healthcare reform. It’s not practical and no one is going to trust a state issued email program. Talk about snoops, and spooks. I wouldn’t want a US.gov email address if they paid me to get one.

If I lived in Iran I’d want one even less. This is all about failure, Iran wants technology and 21st century communications to fail in Iran so they can retain control over a failing Republic that the people have no interest in holding together.

Iran’s telecommunications agency announced what it described as a permanent suspension of Google Inc.’s email services, saying a national email service for Iranian citizens would soon be rolled out.

It wasn’t clear late Wednesday what effect the order had on Gmail services in Iran, or even if Iran had implemented its new policy. Iranian officials have claimed technological advances in the past that they haven’t been able to execute.

A Google spokesman said in a statement, “We have heard from users in Iran that they are having trouble accessing Gmail. We can confirm a sharp drop in traffic, and we have looked at our own networks and found that they are working properly. Whenever we encounter blocks in our services we try to resolve them as quickly as possibly because we strongly believe that people everywhere should have the ability to communicate freely online.”

Source: WSJ

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