Why Twitter Needed Ali Rowghani

ali rowghaniTwitter hired Pixar’s Finance Chief to become their new Chief Financial Officer. I want to talk about why. It’s pretty clear Twitter is a new media company. It’s all about media. Everyone is their own channel. Whether you are a guy living in your mom’s basement, or a government agency. What you share is your media. It’s time Twitter started treating itself as a media company and not just a publishing platform.

The battle between Facebook and Twitter reminds me of the battle between Beta and VHS. It’s amusing to watch but Twitter needs to prevent itself from becoming the extinct Beta by distinguishing itself as a media company and not a social media platform.

In order to do that it needs to align itself with big media in order to realize capitalize on monetizing it’s product which is their content being spread to Twitter’s established user base.

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Ali Rowghani knows how to turn media into dollars. This is now his job at Twitter. Turning media into revenue for a company whose burning through cash faster than Obama’s spending sprees.

Twitter Inc. on Wednesday named Pixar Animation Studios’ current finance chief to be the micro-blogging service’s new chief financial officer, part of the company’s drive to develop new sources of revenue.

Ali Rowghani, who has served in several roles at Walt Disney Co.’s (DIS) Pixar since 2001, will join Twitter in March.

“Ali will be an important member of a growing team focused on creating value for our users and capturing the financial opportunities that result from it,” said Twitter Chief Executive Evan Williams.

The San Francisco-based micro-blogging service, which lets users blast short messages their from computers and mobile phones, has been one of the hottest brands in the technology sector over the past two years or so.

But critics have been quick to point out that while Twitter had more than 60 million unique users in December, it still does not generate significant revenue. Twitter recently struck deals to provide Internet giants like Google Inc. (GOOG) and Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) with real-time access to its stream of tweets. The company does not provide financial details.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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