Celebrity Blogging 101: It's All about Branding.

This is post in the series on Celebrity Dollars, which documents what it takes to build a celebrity focused website and make money at it, all the while trying to have fun.

logoWhen it comes to starting a celebrity blog, let’s first talk about the common problems celebrity bloggers have. They get substantial traffic but can’t figure out how to “Monetize” their site, or how to build a successful following. The first foundational objective you need to lay down when establishing a celebrity website is realize this is a business, you need to take it serious in order to succeed. Branding is the first step. Let’s talk about what you need in order to get it right.

1. Brainstorm your brand
Screw going over keyword rich domains, screw going over celebrity a-lister names, just create a strong brandname. I chose PopCrunch, based on my inspiration behind TechCrunch. I wanted to be the Pop version of Michael Arrington. Choose something that will work for your objectives. It can be a phrase. But make it memorable.

2. Go get a domain name.
I spent hours at Instant Domain Search looking for what I wanted. Finally it hit me after a sleep deprived weekend, and a few hundred beers in Tijuana’s finest bars.

3. Get a logo, build your shiny new brand
You need to get a logo. When I was starting out. I hired one of my regular designers Ben Bleikamp to build me a nice shiny logo. It totally rocked it out. In today’s world we have some much cheaper tools in order to get started than we had a few years ago. A great place to start today is 99Designs new Logo Store. In less than 24 hours you could have a shiny new brand off the ground including a rocking domain name, and a badass logo.

In conclusion it’s never been so easy to start a celebrity blog, you just need the right tools in order to succeed. Keep following along for the easiest way to make money online, that none of the other SEO rockstars, or celebrity webmasters will ever tell you about. Almost all of the people in this celebrity webmaster niche own multiple sites that make thousands of dollars a month.

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