Celebrity Blogging 101: It's all about the Hot Girls.

megan foxAn introductory post to Celebrity Dollars, a new blog series here that will introduce you to the wonderful world, or not so wonderful world of blogging about Celebrities, and everything it takes to succeed in that industry. When I’m done teaching you some essential key ingredients I will package up these posts, add in some behind the scenes dirty secrets and sell it as an ebook.

A few years ago I launched an overwhelming controversial success in the Celebrity Gossip scene. Her name was PopCrunch. After having success with a number of projects in my short time rising in the ranks of the blogosphere, I desired to be a cross over star. Leaving behind the world of blog management, seo projects, and blog consulting I dove headfirst into Celebrity Gossip entanglement. I did it all from my glorious mansion, no joke, in Tijuana, Mexico.

Largely because of an amazing foundation, and a great staff PopCrunch continues to to be one of the biggest celebrity gossip hits on the internet. This series of posts will welcome you to my journey of how it got started, how much startup money I blew through, how I bootstrapped it, and why I hated the Los Angeles/Hollywood scene.

This series more importantly will guide you along a path towards developing a massive amount of income, by just applying yourself to small niches, big niches, and big riches in the world of celebrity blogging. This is a no-bullshit guide to building an amazing celebrity gossip website that will succeed and leave big media wondering how in the hell a startup operation can overpower them.

I’d recommend subscribing to my Twitter, or RSS Feed for a straight shot of wisdom, snark, and storytelling as I tell the story of this amazing website, and how you can replicate it’s success.

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