The Comeback King

john elway

A few years ago I was at the top of my world, through bad choices it all came crashing down largely due to complacency. I lost my world over and over I seemingly have found the passion it takes to succeed again. That doesnt mean I have beaten the demons that plagued me the last few years but it means I’m getting better at beating them. I remember growing up as a kid idolizing certain athletes but none greater than John Elway. He was the comeback king.

3 Times He went to the big game and failed, and then on the fourth time, and a bit over the hill he won the big game. In many respects I’ve won the big game a few times in my field and yet I feel like there’s a lot left in the tank. A lot left for me to give and share. A lot of life experience, albeit the drive just isnt the same as it was when I was 22. I expect that’s why I have to surround myself with more successful, younger folks than I did when I was younger. Yet I feel like at one point I was one of the most talented folks in my industry that has changed so much in the last 5-7 years.

I’m not done, yet.

When it comes to personal blogging & entrepreneurism I’m making a comeback. Albeit taking my time and being slower about it than in the past. I’m consulting and working slowly on my plans. But rest assured I’m making a comeback and it starts now…. Each and every day. Very intentionally.

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