Cupcakes And The Art of Hair Removal

CupcakesI’m often amazed that sometimes I have no motivation to create. Instead of preparing for tomorrow I’m too busy living today. Much of my today is lived out through client work (on site and off site), mingling amongst friends, and killing the rest of my time through my other vices namely Twitter and Facebook consumption.

Let’s talk about Facebook.
I love what Facebook allows me to do, it connects me to people I’d otherwise probably ignored. I reconnect with former classmates, former friends, and it also helps me make new ones. Businesses love Facebook because it allows them to engage us in conversations around THEM. But really Facebook is all about US. Me and You reconnecting, sharing our journey, walking a path, a life of fullness, of fulfillment and inviting each other to share that.

Brands that are successful on Facebook are brands that are already successful at being apart of that journey, being apart of our lives in such a way that they are essential.

Brands that are great at engagement are brands that are apart of our daily life like:
iTunes (Apple)
Victoria’s Secret

Personally I don’t care about these brands other than they are apart of our lives. At the core of my existence I use these products. I drink a Mexican Coke every day, use iTunes, drink Starbucks, watch Disney Movies, buy stuff at Victoria’s Secrets for my loved ones, consume Skittles, and watch countless hours of YouTube. So it makes sense that these brands become part of my life on Facebook

How I use Facebook
For me Facebook is a place to connect, and reconnect. Not a place to market, a place to share with others what I’m passionate about, and what is going on in my life. There are no RULES I need to abide by. Businesses who want to use Facebook as a marketing platform need to understand that first they have to penetrate a persons every day life before they win them over on Facebook. Although it could be apart of their evangelism it won’t be all of it.

So What’s Up With The Title of This Post ?
If you really wanted to know, you’d have figured out one thing. Sometimes threads in Facebook go off tangent. This post about Facebook was inspired by a conversation on Facebook and how it has become part of our every day lives. Sometimes you start talking about one thing, and you end up talking about Cupcakes and the art of hair removal, and guess what ? That’s ok. Even amazing. Life sometimes is a journey within a journey. Technology is here to bring us together, not help us consume more crap, or be marketed at. Once businesses figure out how to really bring us something of value, I will be much more inclined to show them how to be apart of our lives, and our conversations. Until then Facebook shall be a mystery to most businesses.

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