Why I'm Ashamed of All of Mankinds Fences

Growing up in the midst of communism. I felt like communism was EVIL. What I learned when the Berlin Wall fell was that isolationism, arrogancy, and a closed mind was even more evil. Capitalism, Democracy, Communism, Government and Politics in general offer no solution to the problems that mankind face on this planet. There really is only one answer to mankind’s global problems. I could tell you about these problems and how we’ve tried to build fences to solve them. Mankind has continually tried to build fences, walls, and isolate ourselves instead of facing the problems and being apart of the solution.

    I personally am ashamed of all of mankind’s fences.
    Because it shows that we don’t care about each other. We only care about our own survival.

Poverty, right let’s build a fence instead of being a blessing.
Democracy, oh right let’s build a fence instead of being open minded.
Communism, oh right let’s build more fences, and weapons instead of being open minded.
Blacks, right no seriously let’s build ghettos.
Jews, no seriously where’s that fencing material again.
Mexicans, hey guys let’s build another fence.
Water, let’s build water fences.
Food, hey I bet we can build fences around this problem.
HIV/AIDS, I know we can build fences around these people.

Jewish Ghettos
jewish ghettos

This fence resulted in the death of millions of innocent people.

The Berlin Wall
berlin wall
berlin wall

This fence did nothing for mankind. It brought no benefit until it came crashing down.

The Mexican-American Border
border fence
border fence
border fence
border fence

I will rejoice one day when this fence comes crashing down. It’s already brought more pain and death than even history will tell.

Many Americans believe somehow we will fix our country by building a better fence, without first understanding the real problems in our world, and offering any solution, or being a blessing in this world. Fences don’t solve problems, they create new ones. Immigration and the problems that we face in our modern world are a result of a poverty stricken society in Mexico, and Latin America that creates a MASSIVE incentive for the poor in this world to risk everything to come to the United States to improve their standard of living for themselves and their families. More than ever we need to be open minded, and offer real solutions that will help solve the root of this problem before we build fences around our entire nation, and remove the freedom we once had.

Having once lived in Mexico, I witnessed poverty, and desperation that drove people to want to leave behind everything and walk literally barefooted against all odds, even through deserts to get to a new land where they could create for themselves a new life where poverty would no longer enslave them.

A wall, a fence, this means nothing to anyone who is drowning in poverty. It’s just a small obstacle in the way of achieving that which I believe is natural. The desire to achieve a better world for oneself and his loved ones.

I suppose you want the answer to all of this madness. It’s really simple. The solution that is.


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