Poverty: The Facts

“Calcuttas are everywhere if only we have eyes to see. Find your Calcutta.”
~ Mother Teresa

poverty As the world around us changes and more and more people are pushed to the edges even in our own society, the global society is pushed even farther to the edges. Poverty has engulfed more people than any other time in the history of mankind.

Solutions are never even talked about here at home instead we are bombarded by oil spills, stock market crashes, and iPad releases. Distractions from the slide that more and more of our world is taking into the deep pit of poverty.

It might seem overwhelming at times. But just as many are taking to living a minimalistic life, others too will take to a visionary life of aiding and helping change society for the better.

I continue to try and embrace minimalism and a simple nature of just being who I am in a world plagued by consumerism. Can you imagine any of the world’s revolutionaries shopping at Walmart, or needing the next new gadget ? It seems so far fetched. Yet so many of us are driven by these tools, and gadgets and fail to realize that these luxuries are the very things that enslave so many in our globe today.

Enslaving consumers, and producers.

I embrace minimalism combined with compassion as a solution to poverty.

Poverty: The Facts
The world is facing a hunger crisis unlike anything it has seen in more than 50 years.

1.02 billion people are hungry.
Every day, almost 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes. That’s one child every five seconds.

There were 1.4 billion people in extreme poverty in 2005. The World Bank estimates that the spike in global food prices in 2008, followed by the global economic recession in 2009 and 2010 has pushed between 100-150 million people into poverty.

Source: United Nations

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