Why I Walked Away & Found My True Self

Alot of people ask me “What are you up to ? “. The answer is simple. I’m away. For YEARS I was a fixture in the tech and blogging worlds, and honestly it burned me out. So I just walked away. I didn’t stop learning. I just ventured out into more consulting, and more coaching, and actually more self exploration. I just walked away from it all…

walk away

I walked away from ideas.
I walked away from plans.
I walked away from opportunities.
I walked away from myself.

I went on a trip around the universe. I had to find what I was looking for. I had to come to terms with that itch that was in my heart. I had built, and built and built for so long that success just didnt taste the same anymore.

Then a few months ago. I got the itch again. I thought about starting another tech website. I thought about guest blogging for awhile. Then I realized I needed a grand entrance. And that entrance was hard work. My idea of success is so much different than it was 7 years ago.

7 years ago I had to be making 6 figures, or be on the path to 7 figures. Nothing else was good enough. Now I’ve embraced a much healthier lifestyle. Now I feel like I’ve found my calling. And that involves helping others find their success. Whether that’s making a lot of money, or building a successful company, or being an esoteric startup consultant.

Success for me is falling asleep at night knowing that I’ve given an entrepreneur all the given tools they need to succeed. In the past I feel like it was all about me. What I did, or what I achieved. But now I realize the only way I am truly happy is helping others succeed. That’s what makes me happy.

So yeah I’m back. But you probably won’t recognize me. I’m not the same “kid” I was 7 years ago, or even a year ago. I feel refreshed for the first time ever. Out there to help, teach, and educate about the landscape that I watched grow from its infancy. Out there to help you achieve success when you felt beaten down by fear, beaten down by obstacles with not enough resources to help you find the path…to success.

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