Mexico Bound ? Well Someday Soon.

Number one I’m realizing how fully devoted I am again to the concept of returning to Mexico. I’ve been in 5 States in the last 15 months and I’ve found very little satisfaction. Strangely the only bit of web success I’ve had recently outside of consulting is my Lake Chapala Seminars project. It just churns along on its own growing and growing even though it feels like my red headed step child at times.

It’s the only project I’ve ever had that just churned along at nice clip with almost no effort. And so it’s time to get back on the effort trail and start pushing out content again for this baby, as well as some new products including an hour long seminar, and workshop on what it takes to retire in Mexico.

Because ultimately that’s my goal to go back to Mexico and retire in a nice little one bedroom luxury studio on the shores of Lake Chapala.

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