Why I Walked Away & Found My True Self

Alot of people ask me “What are you up to ? “. The answer is simple. I’m away. For YEARS I was a fixture in the tech and blogging worlds, and honestly it burned me out. So I just walked away. I didn’t stop learning. I just ventured out into more consulting, and more coaching, and actually more self exploration. I just walked away from it all…

walk away

I walked away from ideas.
I walked away from plans.
I walked away from opportunities.
I walked away from myself.

I went on a trip around the universe. I had to find what I was looking for. I had to come to terms with that itch that was in my heart. I had built, and built and built for so long that success just didnt taste the same anymore.

Then a few months ago. I got the itch again. I thought about starting another tech website. I thought about guest blogging for awhile. Then I realized I needed a grand entrance. And that entrance was hard work. My idea of success is so much different than it was 7 years ago.

7 years ago I had to be making 6 figures, or be on the path to 7 figures. Nothing else was good enough. Now I’ve embraced a much healthier lifestyle. Now I feel like I’ve found my calling. And that involves helping others find their success. Whether that’s making a lot of money, or building a successful company, or being an esoteric startup consultant.

Success for me is falling asleep at night knowing that I’ve given an entrepreneur all the given tools they need to succeed. In the past I feel like it was all about me. What I did, or what I achieved. But now I realize the only way I am truly happy is helping others succeed. That’s what makes me happy.

So yeah I’m back. But you probably won’t recognize me. I’m not the same “kid” I was 7 years ago, or even a year ago. I feel refreshed for the first time ever. Out there to help, teach, and educate about the landscape that I watched grow from its infancy. Out there to help you achieve success when you felt beaten down by fear, beaten down by obstacles with not enough resources to help you find the path…to success.

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The Comeback King

john elway

A few years ago I was at the top of my world, through bad choices it all came crashing down largely due to complacency. I lost my world over and over I seemingly have found the passion it takes to succeed again. That doesnt mean I have beaten the demons that plagued me the last few years but it means I’m getting better at beating them. I remember growing up as a kid idolizing certain athletes but none greater than John Elway. He was the comeback king.

3 Times He went to the big game and failed, and then on the fourth time, and a bit over the hill he won the big game. In many respects I’ve won the big game a few times in my field and yet I feel like there’s a lot left in the tank. A lot left for me to give and share. A lot of life experience, albeit the drive just isnt the same as it was when I was 22. I expect that’s why I have to surround myself with more successful, younger folks than I did when I was younger. Yet I feel like at one point I was one of the most talented folks in my industry that has changed so much in the last 5-7 years.

I’m not done, yet.

When it comes to personal blogging & entrepreneurism I’m making a comeback. Albeit taking my time and being slower about it than in the past. I’m consulting and working slowly on my plans. But rest assured I’m making a comeback and it starts now…. Each and every day. Very intentionally.

The Real Reason Teens Don't Use Twitter or Blog

A lot of people wonder why Teenagers don’t use Twitter. It’s really simple. They don’t need to. They simply use the tool that their network already uses, and that is Facebook. Teens and young adults have massive followings on Facebook, they don’t need or have the desire to use a blog to communicate with friends and families because Facebook’s unique platform allows them to share not with the entire world, but with those who are important to them.

“Since 2006, blogging has dropped among teens and young adults while simultaneously rising among older adults,” states a Pew Internet & American Life Project report on social media and mobile Internet use among young people. “As the tools and technology embedded in social networking sites change, and use of the sites continues to grow, youth may be exchanging ‘macro-blogging’ for microblogging with status updates.”

In 2006, 28% of teen Internet users were blogging, and now only 14% do so. Adult blog use is steadily increasing, with one in 10 online adults now maintaining a blog.

Source: SF Gate

All Kinds of New Projects

The end of this year has been about how many projects can I get off the ground before the new year starts. Here’s the state of my projects and my goals for them this year:

Internet Marketing Group
Targeted Visitors
A reseller project for traffic, I plan to develop this aggressively in 2010.

Magnum Visitors
Landing page for my other services I offer as a consultant.

Vive Mexico Project Group
Mazatlan Exchange
A slow to get off the ground, now revamped project surrounding expat living, and tourism in Mazatlan.

Lake Chapala
This guide of Lake Chapala is a site that is really special to me. I plan to use it as a central place to build out content as I plan for an eventual move to the Lake Chapala region. The key goals at the moment are to build up a sustainable newsletter, and content strategy that is profitable this year.

Tijuana Reader
A site covering all things Tijuana including hotels, travel, tourism, medical tourism, restaurants. Consider this your source for all info on having fun and staying safe in Tijuana.

DIY Spanish
A paid eCourse project, is slow to get off the ground. My main marketing will be towards expats living in Lake Chapala, and or thinking of moving there. This too will be a key project in the New Year.

Recycle Awards Group
Interior Door Shop
Just getting going, but plan to be a central part of my plans for 2010 as far as income generating goes.

Exterior Door Shop
Late 2010 Project

SEO: Essentials For Healthy Web Growth

There’s a misconception in the business world that Search Engine Optimization is a complex thing. I try in my development of websites and my management of clients to help walk them along the path of minimalism and simplicity of growth. I recently started working on a site with a friend it’s called Investing Thesis . It’s a Canadian site dealing with investing, stocks, and futures. It’s in the foundation process so we are in the initial process of finding fans, developing solid structures, and of course if I’m involved it’s built on the Thesis Platform, and will have kick ass SEO. Here’s the secret to SEO Success.

baking a cake

SEO is a major component of website growth, business growth, and expansionism for any owner of a website.

SEO is not complex. It’s as simple as baking a loaf of bread.

Below is my quick tutorial on the essentials of using strong search engine optimization to grow your website’s traffic via Google,Bing and Yahoo. Understanding this quick walk through is the same as your grandmother giving you here recipe to bake bread, practice is the ultimate perfecter.

SEO: Essentials for healthy web growth
1. Build Upon A Strong Platform
When building a new website, or revamping an old one. Build upon a strong platform. A simple content management system, or framework to keep your web standards up to par. A few examples of great platforms to build upon include: WordPress, Expression Engine, and MovableType.

2. Create Amazing Content for Your Fans
You can read 101 Tutorials about how to create great content, but ultimately you have to create content that your FANS will love, embrace, and share. They will share it in the forms of linking back to you, Tweets, Facebook Shares, submitting to Digg, Reddit, Stumbles, and emails. All of this helps your site gain more Fans, and also helps create more links, and social media authority. All of this is going to help your short term and long term growth. But the key thing here is to focus on your fans. If you create content for them the search engines will reward you with even more Fans.

3. Sharing is the most effective way to gain new Fans
Imagine being a musician and creating stunning music. But never sharing it. How is anyone going to be able to find it? They aren’t. Here’s a great set of resources in order to share your content with the world and gain new Fans.

Blog Directories

Sign up for blog directories to get new visitors and healthy link backs from a respected authority site in Google.

Social Media

Submit content that is relative to your niche, as well as sometimes submitting content from your own site.

Social Networks

Developing a healthy following on Social Networks is a great place to get your initial fans, and followers to your new web project.

Other valuable sources of links:
Viral Media Campaigns
Article Directories
Niche Social Media

There are lots of other valuable sources of links, some paid, some free. I try to focus on niche social media, and healthy links from related bloggers in my niche that I’m building in.

Remember SEO is like baking, if at first you don’t succeed try try again.