Ignite Your Website With Passion

Back in 2006 I started a website I wish I never started.



It’s not like I even liked celebrities, it’s that I was lazy. I lacked passion. I knew if I wrote about celebrities that Google would send me visitors. And visitors it sure did send almost at ease. I started a video show to get a bunch of people to link to the website. You know links do amazing things to your traffic. It send people directions right to your site. PopCrunch grew and grew but it compromised my morals every single day.

Finally one day … I had enough. I sold it. I lost money on the project. I could have made money on the project but to me the site wasn’t worth it. It’s a MASSIVE SUCCESS story. It makes around 1/2 Million Dollars a Year and has blessed it’s new owner immensely.

But PopCrunch taught me something, that I have slowly learned very well. If you are going to do something for the rest of your life you should do it with passion, and it should mean something to you.

Now I don’t have a bunch of websites. But when I work on projects for clients I evaluate each one and put in the same level of passion I would if it was a project I was going to do for the rest of my life. Your projects should be an extension of your life, and what you are truly passionate about. Not just whatever brings visitors, or has the potential to make money. If you are passionate about something in due time the money too will flow.

Ignite your website with passion, it’s the true secret ingredient for people who reach the upper echelons of web success.

Content Rich by Jon Wuebben

I’m working on a small membership site. One of the things that has really helped me is picking up a a book that was recently given to me. It’s entitled Content Rich by Jon Wuebben.

I’m normally not into reading about SEO and Copywriting. I can do plenty of that online at SEOBook or at CopyBlogger. Heck I could pick up skype or AIM and ping any numerous experts in the field of seo and copywriting for their advice. But I’ve become a bit slack in my building of niche sites.


This book is inspiring. It has helped me refocus and is actually helping me build a site that is more focussed on copywriting than I have ever created. Which in turn I believe will result in more conversions which is my primary goal of course.

The book reminded me of tools I had forgotten and had informed me of ones that I hadn’t used yet. It’s definetly worth the read that’s for sure. Even if you think you know everything you can possibly know about SEO and Publishing online.

I’m a veteran who has built numerous websites for companies and to be honest with you this book really knocked my socks off.

The Best Way To Fight Depression

I’m fighting off what appears to be a bought of depression that overwhelmed me last week. I’m not sure the best way to cope. It’s been years since I felt myself slipping into something like this and sheer drive keeps me going although I feel like I’m stuck in some winter wonderland of fun. Some say I should get some puppies. I hope they are kidding. I’m certain I will push through whatever it is that has my mind in a cloud. Once I push through a bit of R & R will keep things normalized again. I think some bad sleeping habits may have caused this thing in the first place.

Building Membership Sites

I was lurking around on the web for information about membership sites. Now mind you I’ve been a member of Brian Clark’s Teaching Sells since it launched so I figured let’s do something with this knowledge. I thought for awhile about creating an ebook on this topic I am passionate about. But after doing a ton of research I think it’s better long term financially to create a membership site.

Like Yaro Starak says:

Imagine waking up each day, indulging in your absolute favorite hobby, helping others learn about what you do, talking about your passions with like minded individuals and doing it all for as long as you want to AND getting paid $40,000 a month to do it.

Lately I’ve been giving out a lot of free help,free information, and free tips. And sometimes on forums that I participate on. After awhile free becomes annoying. So off I go to build something that is worthwhile under my own umbrella.

I could go off and build a dog site like some friends of mine. Or get it more narrowly focussed like Puppy Training but I really don’t know enough about this to be considered an expert in this field.

So I first have to find something I’m passionate and knowledgeable about. Then I have to build a good website framework. I’m going to bootstrap so I don’t have to raise a bunch of funds or max out my credit cards, or my American Express Platinum. God knows that’s all I need is more debt.

Well I’m sold on what kind of site I’m going to build. It’s top secret and so now I’m off to go build it. Who knows I might actually keep it this time.

Dedicated Hosting Vs Shared Hosting

I recently did a quick Web Hosting Review for a buddy of mine who runs a web hosting website. It really got me thinking about the issue of dedicated hosting vs shared hosting.

I personally utilize my IT Management guru to handle my hosting. He uses Cornerhost. Who keeps me real happy.

But as business grows as it surely will and does and the world occupies more and more bandwith I will certainly have to move to dedicated hosting or at worse VPS hosting.

Personally I hate dedicted hosting so most likely I will stick to something like Mosso and MT Grid Server instead.

In Search Of Community

It’s been great to finally start settling into a neighborhood community. Slowly I’m making new friends and settling into this place known as San Diego.

fishing pier san diego

I’m finding myself spiritually at peace moreso than I have in years. This is nice. I’m still struggling to land on my feet as much as I’d like but I’m completely content and making slow and steady progress.

Sometimes it’s just nice to be alive and smell the ocean breeze. And that’s what I love about San Diego. There is plenty of Ocean front views and exotic moments in the best places.

Slowly and Tenderly He’s Calling Me Back

This year has been particularly bright for me thus far. That doesn’t mean I don’t have bad days. I feel like my health has finally taken a turn for the better. One of the biggest and brightest developments for me this year is realizing that by slow and tender progress I can break negative habits. I can overcome that which holds me back and over the long haul I am beter for it. I shouldn’t be afraid of my failures. I shouldn’t be ashamed of my past. But I should realize that God is so much bigger than all of this. Over the last year I have seen God working in my heart. it was so hard before. So hurt and wounded. I turned to anything to sooth my pain. From failed relationships to losing dear friends. From personal failures to business failures. The wounds,the pain, the shame they overwhelmed me. The sometimes personal attacks, threats of violence, and hatred made me realize that in all of it God was bigger than all of that.

God loves me, he loves even my failures. He doesn’t condone my greatest nor smallest failures. But he truly loves me. He loves me more than I will ever know.

I am through feeling like I have to be ashamed that God wants me back. He want my heart, and he wants my failures.

Before I was a web developer,before I was a website builder, before I understood and tasted success I was a child of God. And that is so much more important and greater than anything I can have in this world.