Watchmen The Movie

I’ve read some reviews of the Watchmen and I want to be clear on something. I’ve never read the comic books. I’m not into Comic Books but I guess they are a big deal.


I read an interesting review on The Film Journal:

It’s important to note right off the bat that this review of the new comic-book blockbuster Watchmen is penned by a critic who first picked up Alan Moore’s seminal 1986 graphic novel in high school and has read it at least once a year in the decades since. I’m mentioning this because it’s difficult, if not impossible, for those of us who know the book inside and out to evaluate how Zack Snyder’s film version will play for the uninitiated. That’s true of most book-to-film adaptations, of course, but Watchmen remains a special case because of the fierce passion it inspires among its fans, who will be going into the theatre with a mixture of anticipation at seeing the book brought to life and fear of the changes Snyder may have made in the process. Viewers who aren’t familiar with Watchmen will face a separate challenge: keeping up with a complex story that spans decades and involves dozens of characters.

I found this moving exhilarating even though it was a bit over the top. I could tell it was meant to be a comic book adaptation and the story line was great. It appealed to me because I’d never seen the comic book but knew that it was revered.

Now I completely understand why everyone at the movie had Watchmen T-Shirts. This serial book series has some huge following among comic book lovers. And you should never underestimate the ability to sell comic book movies.

I would recommend this movie in a heartbeat. It’s story line, romance and character development was excellent. And even though it had no major actors the acting was BIG Time.

Mexico’s Storm of Violence

Mexico is engulfed in a war. A war bigger and uglier than the war in Iraq. A war that could shape the future of the United States. Yet it was not a campaign issue.

tijuana violence

The ground war is for control of drug trafficking territory. The real war is for the entire country including Tijuana. Mexico as a country could be slipping into a huge and fundamental could that make it a country without a leader, the president merely acting as a speaker but the entire nation of Mexico is heading into a lawless period with Drug Lords leading the charge.

el chapo

Violence has gripped the nation and forced a drastic decline in tourism, foreign expats, and day to day business has halted. The number one business in Mexico revolves around illegal business operations. Mainly the drug trade. The more this shift happens the more problems it will create for The Border, Immigration, and Real Terror here in the United States.

Turning Apples To Oranges in A Digital World

You might believe that Apple is a computer company, or possibly even a music company. However it is clear with today’s earnings call and analysis that Apple is rapidly becoming a cell phone company.


For years Apple’s direct competition has been PC manufacturers, Operating System Manufacturers, and PC Software Groups. Today it appears Apple’s biggest competition is foreign based Cell Phone companies.

Overnight Apple has become the biggest United States’s Owned Cell Phone company. This is is truly a product revolution. There are certainly numerous concepts as to why the iPhone is such a success and why it sells so well.

But that is all in the past. Let’s talk about you. Let’s talk about me. Do you sell a product? Do you find that your competition is keeping you pushed down into your own niche market? Do you have what it takes to break out into your own?

In the upcoming year there will be thousands and thousands of layoffs at big tech companies, and I am certain other places as well. Do you have what it takes to stand out in the crowd?

Start by redefining yourself. You are not a systems adminstrator. You are a technologist. You solve people’s technology problems. You are not a geek. You are a people person who happens also to have amazing technology skills.

Create a New Resume. That resume is you. Start by blogging, creating valuable social profiles, and begin networking with people in your field. This is the beginning to marketing the NEW YOU.

Search for world changing opportunities. Don’t look for jobs. Look for amazing opportunities. We all need to pay the bills, but maybe their is an opportunity awaiting you to do bigger things than just paying the bills. Maybe their is a chance to make a difference in people’s lives. To inspire people to change the world.

Never give up. Many people who are no longer wanted as an apple, never take the time to market themselves as oranges, and thus they never get acquired, never see another opportunity, and drag themselves through life waiting to become apple sauce. Let’s hope that’s not you. Because just around the corner…everyone is buying Oranges.

5 Bloggers Who Change The World Daily

Bloggers Can Change The World. Here are 5 bloggers who change the world, not just in one big day, but every single day. Paying it forward in their daily lives.

Leo Babuata
Leo Babuata, Founder of Blog Action Day. Leo is a writer. But he is also one of the world’s foremost organizers of change. Influencing fundraising,awareness, and inspiration to help fight poverty. And while his work is seen one day out of the year. His extreme devotion to blog action day can be seen daily in his efforts to fight poverty,and bring positive change to the world. Blog Action Day stats are amazing. 12,800 Bloggers Participated. 14,053 Blog Posts were created. 13,498,280 Readers read about the change. Thousands of dollars were raised to fight poverty. This money and awareness will create a chain effect that will impact millions of people if not the whole planet for good. Bloggers, and Blogging Can Change The World. It is surely not dead.

Jordon Cooper
Jordon Cooper, Works at The Salvation Army Centre in Saskatoon,Saskatchawan,Canada. He is a former pastor, from the sounds of it a recovering one. Every day he managed to get up, and head to the local homeless shelter. He is the Residential Coordinator. If you have ever been homeless and I have you can appreciate the amount of work and dedication it takes to serve this portion of the population. Somehow in the midst of all of that he manages to blog, and share inspiration with the rest of us who can somehow if we are lucky glean some of his knowledge to become better humans and appreciate the work he is doing. I personally appreciate his articles on poverty. Blogging isn’t dead. It changes the world every single day just like bloggers.

Hugh Macleod
Hugh Macleod, provides humor for many daily. Including me. And we all need to laugh. Especially in our world today. Hugh markets wine. I personally just quit drinking, but his comics are sure inspiring and you don’t even realize he is selling a product because he’s just cool. Comics and blogs you wouldn’t think mix but somehow he utilizes blogging as his medium of choice. I am sure as hell glad he does. Without his comics many people wouldn’t laugh as much. Thanks Hugh. Blogging isn’t dead.

The Homeless Guy
The Homeless Guy, Kevin is a homeless man who has documented his struggles living on the street over the last few years. A few years ago I was homeless,living under a bridge. I stumbled upon Kevin’s blog. It inspired me. I managed to pick up the pieces and push my way through a living hell to get to the other side. He changed my world through blogging. He inspired me to pick up the pieces, and become a better person, and get out of my dire situation on my own just through sheer will power and hard work. Kevin happens to blog. His blog doesn’t make him any money. It does however make him some friends and helps him impact a world that badly needs to hear his side of the story. One in which many of us don’t understand and will never go through. Without his blog, we wouldn’t have his story. Blogging isn’t dead. It changes the world. Just like Kevin.

Bud Simon
Bud Simon, Missionary and Blogger in Central America
Bud Simon is a missionary. Up until today I had never heard of him. He is a church planter in remote central america. He reaches people with the message of hope and faith that can change people’s lives and eternal salvation. He does this every single day. He also happens to blog. He shared his call to misssions in one blog post. His reach in Central America is amazing. He probably reaches more people with the gospel than the ancient apostle Paul. But who’s counting. I for one am thankful Bud Simon blogs, and is a missionary. Blogging isn’t dead.

Bloggers can change the world. They do it every day. Sharing their lives with absolute strangers, friends, and even you.

How To Change The World

Working with a new client can bring some rewarding things to the table. One of the questions they asked me before I took the gig was How Would You Change The World?.

When i look at the problems that the majority of the world face i realize the seriousness of the issue. Here in the United States we would like to think that the collapsing economy is a huge problem, that the mortgage collapse is a huge problem, that the credit crisis is a huge problem. But their are bigger problems in the world than just the ones that we face.

The world faces a growing food shortage. The world faces an ever growing problem with poverty. The world faces a lack of clean drinking water. The world faces an ever mounting problem with simple diseasse killing millions of innocent children every year. The world faces a massive immigration problem with fathers being separated from their children, children and mothers from their fathers. The world faces a growing epidemic of wars over natural resources. The world needs change.

One of my favorite sayings is Be the change that you want to see in the world.

But how can one man bring true change to the world? How can we impact a world, the problems seem so large, and we seem so hopeless to combat the problems. Luckily we can. Change can be as simple as sharing resources, starting a prayer ministry, starting a fundraiser dinner, it can be as simple as educating those around you.

Ways To Change The World
Social networks

Fighting Poverty

Providing Clean Water
Global Water

Affordable Vacciness

Defending Human Rights
Amnesty International

These are some great organizations that could use your financial support. If you are really interested in bringing change create a community potluck create awareness about these organizations, pool funds amidst the community and help bring real change to the world. Do this as a community once a month and share new ideas in how to bring change not only in the world, but also within the community.

Remember to change the world, you must bring the change to the world.

Speaking of the world changing Prince Campbell has a great article on the world changing from a few days ago.

eli stoneI started watching Eli Stone, on ABC. The show is set in a law firm where a thirty-something attorney begins having larger-than-life visions that compel him to do out-of-the-ordinary things.

The Show is constantly asking the question: Is it possible to change life midstream and get back to who you are at your core? From Greg Berlanti comes a story about a lawyer who finds himself at a crossroads in life, caught between the man he has become and the man he wants to be even if that means being a prophet.

It airs on Thursdays @ 10pm EST

Here’s the original promo: