If Life Were Easy…

If life were easy we would all be successful. Instead life is a journey a battle to become the people we all want to be and need to be. Over the last few months I’ve seen many a dream washed away by life’s flood gates. And yet I feel like I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

The road ahead for me is simple. Keep being who I am… Some elements just aren’t supposed to mix. That’s ok, failure is not about what’s wrong in the world, failure is not getting up after life keeps tossing you curveballs.

Life’s about adjusting your dreams when life changes the course of events that you are in control of. Instead of seeing these events as failures I embrace them as challenges to overcome that will make the ultimate dream that much more enjoyable…

5 Location Independent Businesses

Over the last few years I’ve had the luxury of being for the most part location independent. There are a number of ways a person can become location independent.


1. Freelance Writing
There are numerous companies that you can work for online. I personally in the past have relied on freelance writing and project management to supplement my income while I’m on the road or living in some exotic place around the world.

2. Web Design & Development
I’ve been doing web development and design for about 10 years. It’s a great source of revenue on the road. Especially with a healthy source of returning clients.

3. Affiliate Marketing
Selling someone else’s product is one of the best ways to make money online, and remotely. My favorite digital product that I sell is the Thesis Theme for WordPress

4. Sell an eProduct
One of the best things anyone who seriously wants to develop a self sufficient product and that is a digital product such as an ebook, a WordPress theme, or possibly a plugin.

5. Membership Site
I’ve managed and owned a couple of membership sites. They are great money makers for anyone looking to sell valuable content. Educational sites, and tutorial sites are great examples of highly sustainable membership sites.

How To Live A Thousand Years

A man can live a thousand years if he learns to conquer that which holds him back from truly living and truly loving.

san diego


Sometimes when I look back on my life I see many “reactions” to fear, and how that’s held me back. In the last few years I’ve allowed fear, and complacency to erode that which makes me the person I am.

As I move on to the next stage of my life I will not allow fear to shape who I am and who I am becoming. Sometimes fear of failing, or fear of what others think of us can influence us in a negative way that sets us back from truly accomplishing that which will define who we are.

Letting go of fear, sets us free to achieve and become the success we want in our lives.

A Look Back On The Week

A busy week of freelancing here’s a few highlights. If your interested in getting ahold of me for freelance article work please let me know.

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Exploring Sustainable Communities

Here at work I was exploring Sustainable Communities. For those of you who don’t know I’m a full time writer for various online publications.

bosque forest

Over the last few years I’ve realized I need community. I don’t have a close knit family. Heck, my adopted family basically has all but filed the unadoption paperwork in my opinion we haven’t had a meaningful conversation in ten years. I don’t see that being patched up no matter how hard I try.

I truly don’t know what went wrong, or how to fix it. My father passed away this year on top of that so it really got me thinking about the next stages in my life. I need community. Not that it can ever replace family. But because I’m a very social person.

I’m exploring moving to a sustainable community. Most likely not here in the United States. I really love Spanish, and I thrive in a slower culture. Mexico continues to be the top spot, although I’ve been researching a community in Colombia that really intrigues me.

Things to consider is work, will my work be sustainable in a community setting. Does it benefit the community, and is it practical. Is a community setting something I want, and desire to live in long term.

These are all questions I’m beginning to answer. I’m not in a hurry. For now I’m content here in Montana. Taking things slow, enjoying work, enjoying the solitude of Missoula. But craving the next big step in life.

A Vision For A New World

After much thought and process, I remain committed to changing my life. By nature I’m an entrepreneur, sometimes that makes it difficult for me to continue on one path. Over the years I’ve had numerous web businesses, and turned around and sold them.

visions of a new world

I carry a bit of personal debt because of that and other things that have happened over the last few years. I remained committed to fixing that. Making that right.

But one thing I realized I’ve lived my entire life selfishly. I’m working on changing that. I think with everything that happened recently I realize that life is too short to really focus on building our own empires, achieving our own goals. While I struggle with a lot of things right now. I realize in order to really shape the future of my life.

Investing 10% and Beyond Into Social Capital Markets such as Kiva

Supporting Orphanages Throughout Mexico especially Tijuana.

I will be carving out a new startup once I first tackle some of my own personal debt load and get a bit of a personal nest egg going. The startup will also invest 10% and Beyond into Social Capital Markets.

I’m excited about living again. A bit tougher skin, a bit softer heart, and a genuine sense of hope that I can make a positive impact on the world going forward.