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This week AC360° presents a three-part series investigating allegations of abuse at the Pinehaven Christian Children’s Ranch. The founder, Preacher Bob Larsson, asks new students to sign a document stating they understand the religious nature of the school and believe the bible to be the word of God. Because the Montana boarding school is a faith-based institution, the state has no authority to oversee or regulate it.

It’s an important factor to consider with former students and employees claiming abusive forms of punishment are common practice at the school. One former staff member told CNN’s Gary Tuchman, “… when I saw the kids they were wrenching and screaming because of the pain of what had happened.” Larsson believes Satan is behind that allegation and the others from more than a dozen people who told CNN they witnessed or experienced abuse.

Larsson, the owner for almost four decades, admits the school…

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Anderson Cooper 360

Pinehaven Christian Children’s Ranch in western Montana doesn’t deny their use of “tough love” techniques on students. In the past, one house parent would apply pressure to the children’s necks to control their behavior, a practice Pinehaven says is no longer permitted. Several former students and employees say they experienced or witnessed physical and emotional abuse. Preacher Bob Larsson, who’s been the school’s owner for almost 40 years, denies the allegations and tells CNN’s Gary Tuchman that their methods of discipline are not abusive.

Larson introduced several students who are thankful for their time at Pinehaven. Troy Baker said, “Tough love means separating people from drugs and alcohol and bad influences that brought them to pinehaven in the first place.” Curtis Swanson says he never saw an abusive house parent.

Others claim that the abuse went beyond trying to discipline students to include difficult and dangerous construction jobs around the…

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